Welcome to My Life Stars Astrology

At My Life Stars Astrology, my aim is to offer you unique and customized artistic astrology charts which bring the old boring printout template wheels into the new century, as well as being a source of general astrological consultation and interpretation. I offer several different charts and services, which I'll detail below.
Astrological Chart Reading Consultations

This category covers all types of traditional astrological chart interpretations and templates. Although the graphics are a bit dull, the readings are insightful, in depth and full of great information. These services cover everything from your basic Natal chart or Birth reading to consultations involving your career, finances, all types of relationship compatibility and newborn and child readings.

ChartInk Custom Handcrafted Astrology Charts

My newest chart product, these charts are a combination of both painstaking and original graphic design and genuine creativity and craftsmanship (crafts-womanship?). I utilize my skills within the fields of calligraphy, lettering and drawing ability to bring you a truly one of a kind astrological chart. In this digital age, a hand drawn chart is a rare and beautiful thing.

Heirloom Art Wheels

Created entirely in the digital realm, these creations are a full color celebration of a child's birthday, a couple's wedding or a special gift for any happy occasion. When you order an Heirloom Art Wheel, I will contact you to help you design a perfect expression of you or your loved one, in full beautiful photographic color. These are not templates that can be purchased anywhere else, they are created only by me and each one is as unique as the chart it illustrates.