Customized Heirloom Art Wheels - FAQ

Q. What exactly is a customized heirloom art wheel?

A. In some astrology programs, the practitioner is able to print from a limited selection of artistic chart wheel templates. I have taken this to the next level with
the ability to completely customize the art wheel with the names and photos of the
person or persons whom the chart is for. My art wheel templates are completely unique to my practice, they are not available anywhere else or through anyone else. My background in both photography and graphic design give me a unique ability to create heirloom chart wheels which will be treasured for generations.

Q. What do you mean by archival quality?

A. Not only is cotton rag paper the most environmentally (tree-free) sound practice for printing digitally, it is also a way to ensure your treasure will last for generations. A properly-cared for print will last for many years, and can be passed down through the family as a treasured heirloom. I use only premium quality cotton rag photo paper which is used by world-class photographers and digital artists.

Q. How do I properly care for my print?

A. The keys to caring for a digital print are to reduce exposure to three factors, sunlight, air and humidity. You should frame your print under glass as soon as possible, and do not let the print touch the glass (use a photo matte). Hang your print where it will not be exposed to direct or bright sunlight or high humidity. I do carry a museum-quality photo matte made of tree-free 100% cotton rag. I do not stock photo frames since home decor and personal taste tends to vary too widely to make it feasible to stock numerous styles of frames.