Chart Ink Handcrafted Astrology Charts

Are you tired of seeing the same old, plain old computer printouts and boring wheels? Order a Chart Ink creation and you'll never look at birth charts the same way again! My creations are perfect for birthdays, graduations, weddings, or other special occasion.

Each chart is created from archival, acid free paper and then printed with a unique design. The chart is then carefully crafted with my custom inking and finally the sparkling "chart bling" of a crystal or metal embellishment representing each planet is securely attached.

Inking of the planets and symbols is accomplished with a combination of traditional pen and ink, (dip pen and archival inks) metallic ink or archival gels to achieve a completely unique effect. No two are the same!

All of my charts are crafted with personal attention to detail and come with a full natal (birth) report as part of the package.

I currently offer 6 unique designs in a range of colors.
The Green Fairy Wheel
The Swirly Wheel
The Girly Pink Wheel
The Blue Daisy Wheel
The Celtic Wheel
The Dragon Wheel