Newborn & Child Chart

There is a tremendous amount of excitement and wonder when a new life enters our planet. The slate is clean, and the possibilities are endless. Many new parents and grandparents are interested in obtaining a chart for the newborn or child, and the reading can point out possible areas of growth and potential which the parents can help to nurture throughout the child's life.
This reading is an in-depth look at the natal chart for a child or newborn, highlighting these areas of interest. Includes a customized keepsake chart report.

What you will need to provide:
Exact birth time, date and location
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Phone consultation: $75
Please contact me in advance to arrange a phone or in-person consultation.
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In-person consultations are only available within the Salt Lake City metro area.
$15 FedEx shipment of report and chart is automatically added to the Paypal button.

Phone Consultation

Email-only consultation: $35
For an email-only consultation, you will receive a customized PDF of your chart report via email.
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